• Why is our service so affordable?

    We are able to offer our products at a lower rate because we have developed a highly effective, unique system that semi automates work that has traditionally been very labour intensive. This semi automation only relates to our internal administration and all links will be built manually within the webmaster guidelines making it 100% white hat. This lowers our costs so we pass this saving on to you!

  • How long does it take to see a noticeable impact?

    Your inital report containing all on-site changes and your first batch of links will be built within the first 24 hours. It then usually takes between 3 and 6 months to see noticeable ranking improvment. Our numbers speak for themseleves. We have over 2,500 clients and not one of them is on a contract. They only pay because they're seeing benefit. Why not see what they're saying on our testimonials page or via trust pilot.

  • Is there a contract?

    There is no contract. You can cancel at any point.


  • Do I need your Optional Extras or is the basic £59.99 service enough?

    You do not need any of the optional extras to see an impact. Our £59.99 quarterly product is our core offering and will help any type of site. The Optional Extras are designed to help certain types of websites achieve their goals more quickly and can be ordered at any point via your control panel.

  • I'm using template driven software to develop my site. Is there any issue with this?

    This is fine. We have lots of Clients who use excellent template driven software, such as Moonfruit or Web Eden. Generally the sites are very search friendly and we have been very successful with SEO and Submission for them.

  • Why do we use PayPal to take your payment and is there any other way to make payment?

    PayPal is simple, fast and offers you full buyer protection so you stay in total control of your payments.

    If you prefer, we are able to take a Credit or Debit card payment over the phone. Just call free on 01625 300 335.

  • Is your SEO and link building strategy white hat?

    Yes. We use techniques developed over years with the emphasis on assisting the search engines to find your website and appreciate it's relevance, which is a technique fully endorsed by Google themselves. See our white hat policy.

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About us

Click Submit was launched in 2009 with the goal of making online advertising accessible to everyone, no matter what their budget. Through a long term commitment to let innovation drive our business we have achieved this goal. We are privately owned, carry no debt, and our management team have worked for many years within the internet. 

Our products

We've developed a unique range of products at a fraction of the costs traditionally associated with them, while at the same time maintaining quality and power.

The numbers & facts

4,998 clients and not one contract.
Over 100 marketing campaigns added everyday.
No outsourcing.
Our clients save over £5k a year compared to our average like for like competitor.
Over 190 testimonials.
A 9.0 rating from over 100 reviews on independent review site trust pilot.
Over 5,000 connections and counting.
Over 500,000 likes and follows exchanged on Facebook and Twitter.
Over 2,500 reviews submitted via Positivity.
See our live network stats page for more

Our clients

Our clients range from large Nasdaq listed resellers, to small businesses with one account. One thing you can be sure of, is our commitment to treat every client with the same level of support, no matter how big or small.

Our commitment to you

Our aim is to grow into the biggest SEO and online marketing company in Europe, while maintaining the intimacy of a smaller company. Our focus on innovation and support gives us the discipline of being completely customer focused. This allows you to benefit from products that simply didn't exist before we created them, and at the same time support you in implementing them.

Continuity is key

The person you talk to before sales is the same person you talk to after sales. We don't believe in sales people but instead account managers, available before and after sales.

White Hat Guarantee

At Click Submit we offer a full white hat guarantee. We have thousands of Clients under management and have never had any Client blacklisted from any search engine

We submit and build backlinks to your website consistently and at the right pace in order to maximize the benefits of SEO without any chance of blacklisting.

We use techniques developed over years with the emphasis on assisting the search engines to find your website and appreciate its relevance which is a technique fully endorsed by Google themselves.

See the video below. This is Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web spam team talking about SEO.


Click rate cannot be calculated until your product has reached at least 100 clicks.


Transfer to SEO safe cloud hosting

We're so excited to offer all Click Submit clients a simply amazing offer when transferring their web hosting to our sister company Cloud Next. You'll save money, get better SEO safe hosting and the best bit, you don't have to lift a finger.

Here's what you get:

  • 100% SEO safe hosting.
  • 1 years free hosting, with no obligation to continue on any of the Cloud Next packages.
  • Free managed transfer. You do nothing we transfer everything for you seamlessly.
  • Cloud based servers for maximum uptime.
  • Navigate from Click Submit to Cloud Next seamlessly.
  • If you decide to continue unbeatable prices from just £19.99 per year.
  • Unique multi domain hosting lowing your costs even further.

To take advantage of this offer simply use promo code "CLICKCLOUD" when signing up via the button below.

Become a Click Submit client

Connect is available to all click submit clients for no additional cost. Simply opt in during sign up or anytime via your control panel.

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